At 102 years old, Grandma's skin was still looking good. Many people, especially women use a variety of products to beautify their face. Many products are good, but some are not. Some even damage your skin. People pay thousands of dollars to beautify their skin. Maybe, doing less is better.


Throughout most of my life, my grandmother visited us every year. Sitting next to the Rubbing Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide was what I now refer to as my Grandma's Skin Secret. The unused portion of the container remained in our bathroom cabinet after each visit. Noticing throughout the year, someone was still using it. I asked my mother, what is it for? She said her mother cleans her face with it.


Twelve years after my grandmother stopped coming to San Diego for her annual visit, I noticed a fresh container of Grandma's Skin Secret was still in my mother's bathroom cabinet. My mother was cleaning her face with it as well. I always noticed that my grandmother and my mother had great skin. I assumed they just had good genes and did not think anything else about it.



Several years ago, while out of town at a convention with my friend, we met up with a longtime friend of hers. She is a beauty expert - one of the leading in the industry. We spoke about beauty care for the face and eyes. She told us about face products that were good. I told her that most did not fit my budget and many in the past have made my skin feel like it was burning. She then revealed Grandma's Skin Secret. She said wipe your face daily with Witch Hazel. I told her that my grandmother always used that to clean her face. She told me that it has many uses.


I have extremely sensitive skin. I must be very careful of what I use. Witch Hazel is gently. It cleanses, tones & refreshes, removes dirt, oil and impurities without leaving sticky residue. It also refines pores. I researched to find the oldest company. Since my grandmother lived to 102 ½ that means the company was around for a long time. My research showed that since 1866, Witch Hazel has been an American Beauty favorite.


Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel is my personal choice. It's even available in an "On The Go" refreshing clean towelette for travel, office, beach, sports and gym. Try it. It's great. Find me on weekends, walking around the San Diego Pier near the USS Midway Museum for a free sample. Visit your local Pharmacy for Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel. You may also contact me by email at for more info.


Written by Karen

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