Karen Barron moved into Valencia Park in 1959, which is now known as the 4th District. She grew up in a sheltered safe clean environment. She watched her country living with dairy farms, chicken coops, horse ranches and fruits trees of all types, where neighbors shared their fruit with each other - turn into drive-bys, homeless, graffiti, children born with addictions and children raised without fathers. Not only did Karen's parents raise her, but neighbors and strong people in the community did as well. She gained knowledge from each of them on her journey through life.












Strong leadership, positive people, great-grandparents, and living in a safe neighborhood made Karen fearless and filled with ideas to make money. At the age of 3, Karen followed her father up the ladder to the roof then was unable to go back down. Her father said "Jump! I'll catch you", from that day forward she has taken leaps of faith to follow her dreams.


Karen's father put boxing gloves on her and her sister when she was in the third grade. He taught them how to box; afterwards he told them to never start fights and use their brain to avoid trouble. He also told them they have the right to defend themselves if attacked. Karen's father was a jack-of-all-trades and a master of all of them. He shared his gifts ranging from

Karen Dreams of Ideas to Make Money

A to Z with his daughters, including art, carpentry, gardening, working with electricity, flooring, painting, plumbing and many more valuable skills. He taught them how to build a miniature city for their trains, out of papier-mâché and cardboard. Their city even had cars and telephone poles with lights that actually worked. He constantly told his daughters that there was no such thing as "I Can't" because you can do anything, if given the proper tools and knowledge.











Karen's mother told her daughters that fighting would not allowed - just walk away. Karen inherited her mother's gift of working with numbers. Her mother's excellent accounting skills proved to be a valuable asset that Karen has put to use continuously throughout her life.


As a child, Karen used her ideas to make money. On a hot summer day, she built a lemonade stand and sold cold drinks. She recycled, soda bottles for a nickel or a dime at the corner drug store, way back, while still in elementary school. She sculptured a bunny rabbit out of mud and coated it with white flower pedals, as if it were a coconut covered chocolate bunny then tried to sell it to the teenagers who lived across the street.


Karen's older sister who was in college, while she was still in elementary school, often hired her for projects and paid her a quarter. Whenever, Karen was short on cash she asked her sister to loan her a quarter. Her sister charged her interest teaching her about finances at an early age. Her sister also gently poked her in the sides, put a book on her head, and told her to stand up

"A gift from God, so I must share my gift with the world"

Karen's mother dressed her and her sister like twin baby dolls. She taught them to be neat, clean, and lady-like. She often told them "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you.”


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