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Karen Dreams of Ideas to Make Money

"A gift from God,

so I must share

my gift with the world"

straight, shoulders back and walk with confidence. Karen said, many people confuse her confidence with arrogance, but arrogance was not allowed in her family.


Karen's community consisted of neighbors like John Delotch, San Diego's first Black Fire Chief. He insisted that his daughter Lori maintained an "A" average in school, or she would be on restriction. Karen used to think he was too strict, but his strictness produced a highly intelligent, almost perfect daughter, who is grateful for his genuine concern.


Marie Widman, who has a park named after her at the 6800 block of Imperial, told Karen that her help was needed to help get Leon Williams elected by making phone calls. Her phone calls to people in the community helped. He first took office in 1969 as the City of San Diego’s First Black Council Member.


Larry Logan, served as the first African American President of the Minority Contractor Association in the 70's. He helped open the doors of the union to young African Americans. Karen, along with Mr. Logan's daughter, watched him build beautiful homes. This knowledge helped Karen in her future when she bought and remodeled fixer-uppers. Hope Logan, at the time, was a professor at San Diego State University. She opened Karen's world to many activities, such as Karate lessons at Jackie Robinson YMCA, jazz dance and acting at the Girl's Club, modeling, chaperoned parties in La Jolla and San Diego State University, as well as taking part in the recording of a new album with church members at a Los Angeles recording studio.


The sister of Actor, Cleavon Little was a friend of Karen's oldest sister. He lived around the corner. James Avery, Sr., best known for his portrayal of the patriarch and attorney Philip Banks, in the TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, often came to Karen's home. He went to college with Karen's sister. He spoke with Karen about the importance of education and obtaining training for her career.


Samuel Warren, Casting Director for over 30 years, also grew up in Karen's neighborhood. In so many words, it took a village to raise Karen. She absorbed knowledge, like a sponge throughout her life and now uses it to develop ideas to make money.


Growing up sheltered made it hard for Karen to defend herself. She lived in the same neighborhood from four years old to eighteen. She knew most of the people who when to elementary school with her. In junior high school, many teenagers from other neighborhoods attended her school. Some children were bussed-in from other areas. Most people that Karen knew at school liked her because she was quiet, shy, nice, and minded her own business, in addition to usually having some sort of unique gadget.

One day in the 7th grade, a new girl came to Karen's school and spread rumors about her. The new girl turned most of Karen’s friends against her. Every day for a week, the new girl turned around in class and told Karen that she was going to beat her up and cursed at her. Day-after-day, Karen looked at her and said nothing. Karen was more afraid of what her parents would say, if she had a fight than the new girl threatening her. Finally, at the end of the week, Karen verbally defended herself and the new girl backed off and never threatened her again.


Throughout high school and even after, several rough-tough gangs of teenage girls, threatened and cursed at Karen whenever they ran into her at football games, parties, or concerts. Why? Who knows, they did not even know her. Quiet people are often the targets of bullies.


Bullies came to Karen's high school to harass her. Karen, being extremely shy at the time, usually ignored them. Many times when bullies surrounded Karen, came within striking distance and there was no way out - Karen began developing her acting abilities and negotiating skills to talk her way out of situations. Guess it worked because she never fought with any of them.


Many "Life-Lessons" helped Karen later in life when several employers at the telephone company harassed her. No matter what they said, or how loud they said it, she looked at them in the eyes, said nothing, and then reported it to their boss to resolve the problem. Karen was determined that she would not let her bosses control her future. The values that Karen's parents instilled in her allowed her to go from one of the lowest paying jobs at the telephone company to one of the highest paying technical jobs.


Karen still overlooks rumors and negative comments made about her because it would be a waste of her time and energy to fight useless battles. She separates herself from negativity whenever possible.


Karen's skills, knowledge and positive influences in her life have allowed her to achieve many goals including running her own Desktop Publishing company in the 90's, as well as operating and managing her own Telephone Installation and Repair" company from 1996 to 2009. She has an abundance of skills and currently shares her gifts with young people.


Karen states her dreams of ideas to make money are "A gift from God, so I must share my gift with the world." Karen message to creative people is "Do not let negativity control your life. If you want to own your own business - start by listening to ideas to make money at www.ideasTMM.com and if you want a career as an artist, writer, or performer - get educated in your career choice. Do not let anyone stop you from following your dreams because they are YOUR DREAMS - not theirs."



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