POWER of a Website Address

Website Address is your global connection to the world - easily accessible from anywhere. It is a great way for your business to inform the public of your products and services, in addition to your hours and contact information. A website address is also known as, a Domain Name. Include the name of your product in the web address to feature a specific product. It could make it easier to locate your product on the Internet.


For Example:

StayinYourHomeSeniorCare.com sends you to an Online magazine by the same name.


Utilizing a website address for personal use could make it easy for people to find you, without joining a social media site. You could also use it like a Digital Business Card, which LINKS people to all of your social media accounts, as well as your public Résumé on the Internet.


Registering a Domain Name is easy. Take precaution before registering to insure the company registering your new name transfers it to you upon request.





Some companies register names for the first year at a low price and build a free site then charge for the monthly web hosting. Some companies refuse to transfer your name to you when you decide to host it elsewhere. I was personally informed of such companies requesting as much as $10,000 to transfer a name, which initially cost up to $38 a year. Ask questions. Ask what the company policy is regarding transferring your name to you upon request.


Many times the company registering your name allows you to take advantage of their wholesale price. By doing so, your name is in their account for annual renewal. If you definitely want to keep your Domain Name for at least five years - register it for five years initially then ask the company to transfer it to you, after completion of the account setup. After the company has transferred your name to you, go to www.Whois.com then select Whois from the top menu bar and enter your information. You should see your name or business name listed. Beware. The address, phone number and email address used to setup your account is listed publicly.



By Anonymous





Available to Start Your Own Business

Business idea included

Get Started Now from $1,995 to $54,795



Advertising Representative - Most Ages

Promotional Advertising Product



For Religious Person - Most Ages - Artists - Graphic Artists - Poets

Bible Bookmarks



For Baker - Cook - Most Ages




For Anyone - Most Ages - Creative

Any Treasures



For Artists - Actors - Actresses

Cartoon Techniques



For Religious People - Most Ages - Artists - Graphic Artists - Poets

Inspirational and Prayer Items



For Sewing Technicians - Most Ages

Young Adults or Mature People



For Sewing Technicians - Most Ages

Infants and Toddlers



For Sewing Technicians - Most Ages

Travel Item



For Business Administrators - Salespeople - Organizers

Home Party Items for Mature People



For Artists - Graphic Artists - Creative People

Safety Reminder



For a People Who Like to Offer In-Home Services to Senior Citizens

Website Directory



For Association of Marketing People to Build Portfolios While in College

Website Directory



For Creative Salespeople Young at Heart

For School Fund Raiser



For Spiritual or Holistic People

Card Games and Workshops



For Creative Salespeople

Create Low Cost Fund Raising Items for Nonprofits



For a People Who Campaigns for Some Kind of Social Change

Publish Magazine - Online and/or Hard Copy



For a People Who Like to Provide Information and Resources to Senior Citizens

Publish and Distribute Magazine



For Salespeople Interested in Helping People to Raise Conscience Level

For School or Organization Fund Raiser



For Assistance Registering a Domain Name for 5 Years



Email: ideasTMM@gmail.com

Text or Phone: (619) 527-0077



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