Stretching a dollar could be difficult living in California. Living in San Diego may prove to be even harder. Maturing to a retiring age comes quicker than expected. Downsizing is not just for large corporations. It is also good for senior citizens. The children are grown living life with their family. No need to save a bedroom for their returning stay, just let go and move on. Memories are hard to let go - keep them in your heart, not in your home taking up space.


Retirement could mean living on a fixed income. It is important that you keep living, and living life to its fullest, even if it means you must learn to live differently. If you waited until you retired to travel or to do fun things around town then get started. What are you waiting for?





Now is the time to start stretching your dollars. Start by going through your kitchen shelves, drawers, closets, storage containers, and anywhere else that you have stuff hidden away. Next, have a yard sell or load up your vehicle and start selling your past at the swap meet. Put your proceeds in your "Travel and Fun" jar. Make a list of places you wanted visit, but never did. Did you know that San Diego is actually a well-known Tourist spot? A senior citizen $18 bus pass allows you to be a tourist in your own city. You could travel by bus and trolley throughout most of San Diego County without the hassle of finding parking. Each month select a different adventure, while "Stretching-a-Dollar", and enjoying your retirement. Check out for Things To Do.


Downsize your living space to what you need or want to maintain. Retirement is a big change. Analyze your life to see how you could make the rest of it as stress-free as possible. Downsizing could be your first step to freedom from excess baggage.


By Stretch A Dollar

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