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Instructors, Consultants, Artists and Business Personal Assistants are Available to Help You At Your Location, by Phone or Online Tools

  1. Create Original Art for Children's Books
  2. Set Up Internet Accounts
    1.  Live Online Newsletter (Micro Blog)
    2. Play Your Web Videos or Broadcast Channel
    3. Accept Payments or Donations
    4. Offer Downloads
      1. Original Music
      2. Short Educational Videos, Videos, etc...
      3. Books, Booklets, Manuals, etc... in PDF
      4. Poetry, Spoken Words, etc... in PDF
    5. Set Up Email Addresses, Account Information and Photos for Projects
  3. Develop New Technical Creative Projects, including ideas
    1. Workshops
      1. Create Your Own Reality Online TV Show, Develop Education Videos, Educational Children's Book Development, Publish Your Own Magazine, etc..
    2. Training
      1. Video Production: Cameras, Lighting and Video Editing, Basic Website Tools, etc...
    3. Seminars
      1. Help Your Staff Develop Seminars based on Your Organization and Community Needs, etc...
  4. Set Up Technology Training Center
    1. Develop Personalized Plan for Individual Center
      1. Create Educational Cartoon Online TV Show to Create Educational Opportunities for Children, Youths and Young Adults
        1. Writers, Hosts, Actors, Actresses, Camera Operators, Lighting Technicians, Artists, Video Editors, Website Designers, Magazine Publishers, Social Media Marketing Representatives, etc...
  5. Create Educational Tools
    1. Learning DVDs
    2. Resource Magazine
  6. Reorganize Work Space
    1. Make Space for New Projects
    2. Organize Existing Space and Materials
  7. Fund-Raising ideas


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